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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central consolidates finance, liquidity, storage and service in one solution – and it benefits you by easily integrating with the rest of the Dynamics family. The basic ideology of Business Central is to ‘Start small – grow rapidly’. This means that even the smallest business can start out using Business Central with just one user.

3 Advantages of Business Central on Cloud


Business Central provides you with the overview of your finances, including inventory and liquidity.

Easy integration

Business Central easily integrates with other systems such as Shopify and WooCommerce and can be expanded by up to 2100 apps.

Automatically updated

Business Central’s continuous updates eliminate expensive maintenance.

Wherever you want

Unlimited access

Business Central is the enhancement of the former Microsoft NAV (also known as Navision). Previously, installing a client on your computer was necessary to run NAV. You typically needed a local server for the installation and the system did not update automatically. That is all eliminated in Business Central on Cloud. Now, all you need to run Business Central is an internet connection. This secures your business for the future

Examples of Invice’s Business Central solutions

Fully automated Recovery System

The system first sends out automatic account statements and then several reminders if payment has not been recieved. Business Central automatically communicates with the bank to stop reminders as soon as the payment is in hand.

Expense Management

Employee expenses are easily registered in an app and the employee is reimbursed in the following salary.

Document Capture

Automatic registration of invoices and bookkeeping. Following registration, the attachment is sent for approval before being paid via Business Central with just two clicks on the due date. This feature enables accurate liquidity management.


Smart Extensions

Our Business Central solutions are delivered in closeknit cooperation with Continia Software. The base modules are developed by them.  Our job is to customize and make sure they work on your specific solution. Our cooperation with Continia started 8 years ago. We know have the highest certification from Continia. With Document Capture, Document Output you eliminate manual tasks by 90%. If your company consistently buys the same good, you can eliminate registration, with one click. Effectively the document is sent straight to the approver. The underlying software is developed in Business Central. “Why would I care?” one might ask. Well, you should, since software that isn’t, will not work as seamless. Also, complexity is reduced, and the work-routines is identical with the one you already know from Business Central. The products are used by 15.000 clients. This is an advantage since bugs are eliminated fast and effectively. And if one single customer finds a bug, it will be fixed with customers in the next update.
Easy Integration

Integration with Office 365

Business Central can be integrated with Office 365. For instance, the system allows you to send offers, invoices and manage orders directly through Outlook. Business Central also works with Power BI, which makes it easy to create various reports. Charts from Power BI are displayed directly in Business Central.
Office 365

Full-line supplier of Microsoft Products

Invice Solutions provide businesses with the full Office 365 package. This eliminates the need for one e-mail provider, another provider for your ERP-system and a third for your MS-package. Invice Solutions offer classic MS applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. In addition, we offer you access to business products such as Dynamic Sales & CRM. Using ERP-systems results in the accumulation of data over time. Power BI uses this data to provide you with valuable insights by visualizing your data through an intelligible graph. Tired of tedious administrative tasks? Let Power Automate take over, lean back and let the system handle data runs and compose reports. Contact us to know more about our full-line solutions.


Simple and easy PBX

Looking for a stable and affordable PBX-system for your small company? So did we. By mistake we fell over the option to alter Microsoft Teams. And now we have developed our own PBX-extension, such that your company’s telephone central is going directly through Microsoft Teams. It’s all quite simple. A phone number for your company is bought. We configure that number with Microsoft Teams. When potential customers are calling the central number, the call goes through Microsoft Teams. All you must do is picking up the phone through Microsoft Teams. The call can be picked up directly from the computer or through the Teams app for IOS or Android. There is a broad range of configuration options. One can choose that the call firstly goes to one designated employee. Alternatively, the system can be setup in Round Robin. If an employee is unavailable he/she is removed from the calling list with one click. Closing times can easily be configured.  Even the ringtone and voicemail are configurable and can be altered easily in Microsoft Teams. To sum up everything can be configured in Teams based on your wishes. New employees just have to install Microsoft Teams. Then they are synced. No other configurations is necessary. And the best part: your employees don’t have to spend valuable time learning yet another piece of software.  All they must do is pick up the phone. Work together smarter – and if you’re interested in hearing more about our solution, then give us a call.
Price Structure

Business Central Price Structure

Business Central

Business Central is available through a monthly fee charged per user. A one-month license is available for businesses with the needs of granting their accountants access for just one month. Team members have a limited functionality, while Essential-users have access to the most essential features needed. Premium users get the Essential package and access to Production and Service Manegement. That being said, many of our Production customers only use the Essential License.


This is Microsofts mail system, hvor you easily transfer mails, documents and calendar invitations. Exchange is synced with Microsoft Teams, where meeting invites automatically includes Teams-links. A standard installation of Exchange automatically includes 50 gb of online storage.

Office 365

Office 365 consists of a lot of useful software. Collaborate, Create and connect with Microsoft 365. It, of course, includes basic-programs you already know such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Please contact us for a product sheet with the precise specifications of the Microsoft Business plans. However, the Office-apps have expanded with new apps to grow your business. Some of these apps are listed below. OneDrive Save files, documents, project folders, videos and photos in OneDrive. You get access to documents anywhere on any device. Certain folders and documents can be shared with colleagues and co-op partners with just one click. This is seamless collaboration. Due to the nature of Cloud storage files are not lost if you, lose your computer. >85% of the Fortune 500 use OneDrive. Microsoft Teams Teams let you stay connected remotely. It is built for hybrid work. Teams was introduced to the general workforce during Covid-lockdowns, where all meetings had to go online. Since March 2020 Teams has improved. A lot. The ability to screen-share, share files and even take steering of computers in a call is now available. Thus you no longer need TeamViewer. Yammer Yammer is an internal communications platform. Internal groups and divisions is easily created. Thereby, one can update the team on new projects and questions. Think of Yammer as being the Facebook of the corporate world. Yammer helps employees gets fast answers when they don’t know who to ask. Yammer is used by small and large companies and can have up to 20.000 users per environment. Publisher Publisher let you design beautiful newsletters, yearbooks and presentations. As in PowerPoint and Word a document can be design from scratch or through pre-defined templates. Delve Delve is a search engine within documents and cloud-services. Do you relate to being involved in 47 projects and not being able to find that one missing fact sheet? Delve got your back. Delve let you share documents and folders easily with colleagues. All listed prices are per license, per month, ex vat.
Microsoft offers different types of subscriptions:

Visualize data

With Power BI your data tells a story. And that story is often quite simple, when data patterns have been identified. Data have no value sitting in a CSV file. It is the second one learns from data, that value is created. And what does all this have to do with Power BI one might ask. It turns out Power BI is the medium between useless CSV files and valuable insights. You specify your value drivers and KPIs. Power BI illuminate them. Power BI creates dynamic graphs and charts. You shouldn’t ignore the word ‘dynamic’. Essentially it means you can change the time intervals straight in the graph instead of asking your finance department to do so. Power BI easily answers questions such as “Which products create value – and when?”. Oh, and data is automatically pulled from Business Central. So, there is no need for an external API. Conversely, Power BI’s output can be integrated into Business Central. It runs so smoothly and elegant that some of our customers no longer prepares PowerPoints for board meetings. Instead, board meetings are hosted directly from the Business Central homepage.