About Us

25 Years of Experience

Our story

At Invice Solutions, we don’t believe that everyone is an administrative super star. Freeing our customers’ time is our raison d’être. We help you get time to do what you do best. Our DNA is simple; we approach everyone open-minded and with a wish for change. “Sorry, this task is outside our area of expertise, we will have to direct you to a different department” is something you will never hear from us. As our customer, your tasks are going to be concentrated with one of us. You are, however, going to meet all three of us. Despite being a small consultancy, we have earned Microsoft’s highest collaboration partner certification thanks to our knowledge, experience and expertise. In addition, Invice Solutions is a licensed SMV-advisor, which means you have the possibility to receive a subsidy for our services. Our previous experience also counts IT-politically governed organizations as well as manufacturing companies.

Invice Solution as a Business Partner

Invice Solutions cooperates with other recognized companies and specialists within the IT-industry. This allows us to obtain professional advice and guidance from people, who are specialists within fields outside our areas of expertise. We continuously stay up to date with the latest knowledge and general trends in order for us to maintain our profound insight into all areas of the industry.